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Shenzhen Elenice Industry CO.,LTD,is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer,was founded in 2006.Our factory located in Shenzhen Bao’an district,which near to Shenzhen airport,transportationis very        convenient.We are specilized in CNC machining service and molding service for  OEM and ODM parts.Types include turning, milling,grinding,stamping,bending,welding,die casting,drilling,tapping,etching,laser  maching,wire EDM and rapid prototyping.The over 2,000 square meters production area is utilized with high output efficiency to produce well qualified components for different kinds of industries like medical, automotive,aircraft,communication electrical and electronic.




Our engineering team with rich experience can provide good suggestions and solutions to our customers when necessary to make the samples or products within specifications with lowest cost.We established strong relationships with our customers with unsurpassed customer support and a total commitment to quality and on time delivery. From the design phase to the parts and components being delivered to our customers, we take pride in the fact that we offer unprecedented integration and service to our customers.We are dedicated to providing unparalleled quality and value in every prototype and production requirement. Not only do our capabilities allow us to provide turn-key solutions, but we are also capable of manufacturing individual components with the tight tolerances and intricate designs that you require for your most demanding applications.We can be relied on to meet your company’s most stringent production requirements with astonishing lead times and service.From engineering to end of life our project engineering and manufacturing team will work closely with your company throughout the entire process.From concept to completion,we will provide the support you need to make your project a success.